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Taking complete care of your soil problem

T & K Service offers you a finite total solution for your soil problem.

We draw up an action plan for the entire soil decontamination and look after the approval of the competent authority. We ensure a correct implementation and take all necessary measures within the budget and term we agreed with you in advance. In addition, it is assessed whether it is possible to become eligible for government funding of (part of) the costs.

If you wish to buy off the legal responsibilities of a soil pollution to the full, the T & K Service offers you a transparent and financially attractive total solution by means of taking full care of your soil problem.

Innovative methods

In order to implement innovative methods, we have teamed up with knowledge-centres to jointly substantiate new technologies for the solution of environmental problems.

Collaboration and innovations:

  • TNO – Non-thermal plasma reactor
  • Deltares - In-situ decontamination of chloroethanes
  • Bio-clear earth – Breeder reactor for biodegradation of chloroethanes.

In order to provide the necessary diversity of specialisms, we collaborate with a fixed network of specialists.

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