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In-situ soil decontamination 

In the Netherlands, soil remediation projects have been carried out for 30 years. Experience shows that excavating and pumping a contamination is not the most effective way to remove the contamination in all cases.

Chlorinated solvents can be removed more effectively by stimulating the natural biodegradation. Also oil products (fuels and solvents) can be adequately removed by use of techniques that stimulate the natural degradation process. Chemical oxidation techniques are the solution when results should be achieved quickly or a more deliberate approach is required.

T & K Service offers an alternative where the contamination in-situ (without excavating) is being removed by a biological or chemical process. Our experience with in-situ decontaminations allows us to offer an exclusive decontamination approach, for which we guarantee the decontamination result. Our team of experts defines the contamination situation and in consultation with the competent authority, they work to agree a reasonably achievable decontamination result. T & K Service guarantees this decontamination result within an agreed term and previously determined budget.

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